Language and heritage together represent a cultural identity, in other words, they together are the bearers of a culture and a history of a culture and constitutes a social life. Language is a tool to express oneself and understand others. It itself is a heritage recording the knowledge about nature and society. The heritages include and transmit the knowledge of a culture in different historical periods. They structure a kind of language for identity and function as concepts or terms in the communication. They together are the key to well know oneself and others.
          The world has become increasingly closer. The meeting of cultural diversity occur in all levels, all areas, all disciplines, both locally and internationally. This is the challenge of intercultural communication through our language and a language of heritage. If the communication relates to an exchange between partners, it is, in fact, the exchange of language knowledge and concepts of heritage as the common code. It is the specialty of this Guide.

This series is created and directed by Dr. Ju-An. As a language teacher and researcher in the history of art and civilization, she has mastered the method of intercultural communication with both the language and the language of heritage.
         With the intention of helping you to better practice intercultural communication, this Guide presents three volumes in format of book and soon audio-video:

         Volume I: Travel -Knowing a cultural identity
         Volume II: Study- Understanding a cultural identity
         Volume III: Work- Communicating with a cultural identity

   Method employed   
            This is a card manual classified into eight themes. They are logically in connection, each party includes the knowledge in the other themes. All these parts can be re-edited according to your needs and your level of language.

       Communicate with China

China, with a civilization more than five thousand years, a territory very large, the nations more numerous, presents complex languages ​​and heritages according to its various geographical formations.
 The book Knowing Chinese helps you understanding these complex.

Volume I TravelKnowing a cultural identity
        The first volume offers the first impression of a cultural identity : language and heritage. The travel is essential and direct communication with other cultures.

            Writing characters
            Structure of words
            Structure of sentence
            Communication of Oral
            Communication of Writing

        Communicate with France

         France, with its wealth of culture and art, features a civilization of different historical periods according to different geographical formations, whose influence is determinative in later life until today. Mainly, it is language and heritage .

Volume I TravelKnowing a cultural identity

            Structure of words
            Structure of sentence
            Communication of Oral
            Communication of Writing



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