The FloreSoleil (SunFlowers) InterCulture Communication is an international press dedicated to intercultural communication, mainly through books and multimedia products in the following collections:

                 - Civilization, Archeology and Art
                 - Language and Heritage
                 - Our Planet

                 The collection Civilization, Archaeology and Art has the format of fine books. They are presented in good graphic design with original photographs and experts researches, while the contents are the basic knowledge but unknown very well.

                The collection Language and Heritage is in Guide format. This is a series for the purpose of travel, study or work in another culture. As a practical communication especially through the thematics, the method is interactive according to the levels and the needs of readers. Following the paper version, we will soon be offering the acoustic format.

                The collection Our Planet devotes to, in format of fine books and thesis, the planet issues and the local contents but in their global situation.

                All these collections offer knowledge regarding the factors of cultural identity, an access to understanding different cultures and also a global view of our world. The method of communication is to replace a culture in its geographical planet and its historical period.

               Our authors have undertaken many years of research, have their own original ideas and are experts in their fields. Some books are selected by the China National Publication as "China international classics" co-published with Sanqin Press. Version in French and English, all the works are suitable for all readers who want to understand and communicate with other cultures in different areas.

              We are a professional team in the communication of science and civilizations through cultural, natural and environmental heritages. We cooperate with experts from different scientific disciplines and media to promote intercultural communication.


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Civilization, Archaeology and Art

     China civilization in the heritage

     Buddha, a spiritual world
     Euroasia, the silk road

Language and Heritage

     Heritage and communication
     Intercultural Communication

Our Planet
     Planet Sand and Ice

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