EURASIE--Silk Road

There is a civilization of fusion in the zones between Europe and Asia: Eurasia. It is also a civilization of oases along the silk road. It is composed of products such as gold and silver objects; Terracotta sculpture, pottery, chariot, art and architecture.

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Terracotta statues

The statues of the first emperor of Qin were made of terra cotta. They are large measuring almost two meters. However, we have found only small clay statues before Qin. Technically, how Qin people invented the terracotta ? How Qin manufactured the large statues? Some researchers believe that this was due to the influence of Greek or Etruscan, some researchers believe that it was a local handicraft. This documentary will find the reality following the journey of two researchers in archaeological sites in Europe and Asia: China, Central Asia, France, Italy, Greece....



The chariot is one of the greatest inventions and the first adventure of human. Origin of machinery, it has revolutionized the daily life and makes the birth of transport, urban and modern science. In the world, the first image of the chariots was found in central Asia, on the stone paintings. But, how it had developed, what role it played in the civilization? The study will be done from the point of views such as the technology; the science,the art, the craft, the society and the transport.

Daily and cultural life


It concerns about the elements of everyday life, such as vessels, clothing, music, dance, crafts, cereals and meals. All proves that it is a combined civilization in the areas along the Silk Road.

The oasis-civilization of desert

The Silk Road runs through the desert, oasis, Gebi, steppe, mountains and lakes. These geographical differences have produced different cultural objects or landscapes. The fight against desertification is the main style of life here. All forms a kind of civilization outdated the borders along the Silk Road.



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